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Scan here! QR Codes...

Although still relatively new, QR codes are certainly less of a mystery now than they were a year or two ago.  The little black and white bar codes are popping up all over the place--from real estate signs to magazines, and even business cards (check out our newest TWG business cards!). 

The speed with which these little codes can share information and URL's is mind-boggling.  By incorporating these into your advertising and marketing, you will be able to direct people to your website, Facebook page, your mobile site--literally any online address you choose.  It's a quick way to escort people exactly where you want them to go--so just be sure that you are sending them to get the best information about your business.  By placing a QR code on your brochures, paper ads, and even in your window-fronts or doors--you can lead potential customers directly to your mobile site--which will show hours, location, and contact information.  Perhaps your mobile site will then lead to your website--which can take the potential customer from there to your Facebook page.  And, as long as the necessary information is up-to-date at each of these "stops", you are likely to get repeat traffic. 

Funny how one little code can get the ball rolling to increased traffic to all of your online niches, and even increased traffic and customer-base for your business.  Since they are relatively new, QR codes are still somewhat mysterious--less for their purpose, and more for what they can do for your business and how you can start using them.  Here at The Web Guys, TWG Design Studio--we have eliminated the mystery.  Our in-house design team created our current business cards and the below QR code (FYI--you can scan a QR code from a computer--go ahead, try!) 

For all of your QR code creation and use inquiries, be sure to contact TWG today--we are happy to create, educate, and even print!  Don't waste any more time in getting your business out there in the fastest, easiest, and most up-to-date method possible!