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Web hosting.

Once your website design is complete, TWG will provide web hosting for your website via our secure, managed and reliable website hosting servers located in our in-house advanced data center in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

We provide a controlled hosting environment to operate at top efficiency and high speeds. We provide website hosting from small business web hosting to more complex online store web hosting. In common terms a host is someone who invites guests into their home, and is responsible for them while they are there. Likewise, The Web Guys consider themselves more than just your Website hosting provider. We're a responsible partner in your business.

Finding the right website hosting provider is a major task for a website owner. You want to work with a hosting company that will protect your website, because choosing the right web hosting provider is important not only for you, but for your customers, and anyone that needs your website to be reliable. The Web Guys invite you to trust us with your website with TWG hosting services. We take responsibility for each website because we rely on state-of-the-art equipment and software. Our climate-controlled environment features the latest Dell PowerEdge™ servers and Microsoft Advanced Server™ software. We never rely on "home-built" servers or free operating systems to meet our customers' needs. As your web hosting provider, we manage the environment first hand. This means our customers are in direct contact with the team responsible for making certain their website is live and functional. Our customers never fall victim to frustrating automated phone service or cumbersome do-it-yourself trouble shooting. Customer service is at the core of our website hosting philosophy.

Take a look at some of the Web Hosting services we offer:

Website downtime and potential loss of revenue are only a couple of the problems you'll face with unreliable website hosting companies. Website hosting problems can cause many types of service loss frustrating you, your staff, and your customers. Web hosting services like email and FTP are connected to your domain name, and they need to be just as reliable as your website. On an unreliable host, server downtime means email messages could get bounced back to your customers, leading them to believe your website is no longer valid. Getting the right web hosting provider will spare you more than a few headaches.

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