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Blog Site design.

Many businesses have found that by maintaining a "Web Log" or Blog, visitors keep coming back to their website to learn more about what's happening in their business or their lives. And this is a great marketing tool to generate better search engine results - plus its fun, too!

Our blog website tool allows you to post with categories, add pictures and documents, hyperlink to other pages or Websites and setup RSS (Really Simple Syndication). The RSS makes it easy to keep up with social networking also, because it will automatically share your post into Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many other social networking sites.

It also allows you to receive feedback from visitor postings and allows those same visitors to send their friends emails about your blog direct from your website. And again, you get to keep your website fresh and the search engines happy! Now the difference between our blog and others you can find, well it has something to do with a little word called branding. This word is very important to your business; anything and everything should be a direct representation of your companies brand. Unlike most blogs- ours are completely branded to match your other branded materials and branding strategies. Contact TWG today to get started with your blog site!

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