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June 2012 Launches from TWG

It’s that time again…time to present the names of our new and newly designed client launches for the past month.

TWG Design Studio proudly shares our June launches:

  • Advance Electric Motor & Pump
  • First Baptist Church Hodgenville
  • Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Lentus
  • Lewis Auction Company
  • Make It Happen Realty
  • The PAC
  • Grandforest Floors
  • KSC Law Firm


Using testimonials to build credibility on your website

What better way to show the quality of your work then by other customers saying it themselves? Using customer testimonials can help to build credibility for your business. Allowing new customers to see what previous people have said and felt about your products or services gives them a better sense of your quality of work. It also creates a more personal relationship between you and your customers.

You can do this by dedicating a full page to testimonials on your website. This way, people can go directly to a list of testimonials or reviews to see what other people are saying about your company. You can also include a testimonial box with rotating testimonials on one or several of your pages. In addition, if you have a website that sells products, you could have one or multiple testimonials displayed by each product specifically about that product.

How do you get testimonials from customers? You can do this a number of ways. You could ask them for a testimonial at the time of purchasing your product or service. You could send them a follow up review card or email thanking them for their business and asking for feedback. You could also include a testimonial form directly on your website so people can submit reviews or feedback at any time.

Regardless of how you get the testimonials, you will surely run into the negative comment from time to time. While you may not want to display this comment on your website, you can still use this to your advantage to better your customer service. Take the opportunity to respond to their comment and attempt to better the relationship with that customer and rectify the situation. In the end, you may resolve the issue and they may provide you with a positive testimonial next time.

Showing potential customers that other customers are happy with your products or services will help to make your business more credible to those viewers. They will trust other individuals who have dealt with your company.


Announcing Your New Website

Once your new website is complete, how do you tell people about it? Announcing the new launch of your website can be done in a number of ways in order to get the word out and help drive traffic to your new site.

If this is your first website, make sure that you get the web address printed on your business cards and brochures so that people know there is an additional way to get in touch with your business now. Also, connect with your social network followers and tell them about your website launch. Make a post on Facebook and Twitter with the link to your site so that your followers can go directly to the new website to check it out. It might also be helpful to encourage feedback about your site so that you know what your customers think about it from the get go.

In addition, you could submit a press release to local news sources to let people know that your business is now online or that you have redesigned your website for an improved user experience. If you offer special services or features on your website such as ordering online or a blog, include that in your announcement so that users know their experience can be interactive.

On that same note, if you have a blog or news manager on your website, use it to help announce your new website. Make your first post about your new or improved site and take users on a tour of your pages. Tell them what they can find on your site and what they can do while they are there. This is also a great way to encourage feedback about your website.

Launching a new website is just the first step. Once you have your site, you need to let people know it is there. Spread the word and drive traffic to your website using these quick and easy tips.


May 2012 Launches from TWG

It’s that time again…time to present the names of our new and newly designed client launches for the past month.

TWG Design Studio proudly shares our May launches:

  • Hobdy Dye Read
  • Southern Habitats
  • Lakeview Photography
  • Tony's Wrecker Service
  • Stillhouse Restaurant


Getting more out of your contact page

Your contact page is one of the most valuable opportunities to connect with your visitors and motivate them to get in touch with you.  It is an essential element to most websites and it is the best way to display your contact information to give your visitors a way to get in touch with you. But simply putting your address and phone number may not be enough.

There are many different ways to beef up your contact page so that you give your visitors more information and encourage them to contact you. Typically, a contact page includes the address, phone number, email address, and any other main contact information for the business. In addition, you can include a contact form and map to your location. These are all great things to have, but there are things you can add to make your contact page stand out from the rest.

Consider adding contact information for different departments so that visitors have specific contact information if they know what they want to ask. You can also include your social media and blog links so that visitors can find you elsewhere on the web. You can offer a specific phone number for immediate or emergency requests, or encourage them to sign up for email updates from your company. This can all be done with additional text, buttons, or calls to action on your contact page.

Now let’s talk about the contact form. It is a great resource to include on your contact page so visitors have an easy and immediate way to get in touch with you. But did you know you can collect much more information with your contact form? Generally, contact forms collect names, addresses, other basic contact information, and the visitor’s question or comment. You can take this one step further and ask them if they would like to receive further updates from your company, give them an opportunity to enter a testimonial, or specific information about your products and services.

Essentially, one of the main goals of a website is to get visitors to contact you or act on a certain item. Your contact page is an integral part of your website and you should use it to its full potential in order to motivate your website visitors to get in touch with you while displaying and collecting information.