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Need more time in the day...?

Another busy day, another busy week!  So much to do, in so little time; but just because something falls off the radar doesn’t mean others aren’t aware.  Especially when it's right there for everyone to see any time they are at your address.   And there it is--in desperate need of upkeep and some work.  It's not bad--it could just be better--especially knowing that literally anyone can see it at any time.  It's just finding the time to manage the upkeep.  I suppose it isn't finding the time so much as creating the time.  It's not like it will take that long--even just 5 minutes once a week will do wonders; and if everyone can see it any ol' time....you know what, maybe even 15 or 20 minutes--just once a week?  I can spare that.  Manage it one evening--not even half an hour of my time, and it will look so much better.  Then I won’t be concerned with what people might think then when they see it.  Okay, then--no more excuses--I can handle just a few minutes each week.  And then the visual will be so much better than the current state.

Funny how my ramblings on my landscaping can sound so much like the internal struggle many businesses have regarding their social media!  I have weeds to pull; and you may have posts to make.  Often times we complain and excuse lack of effort with not having the time--but other people manage to weed their flower beds, or maintain their social sites--and they have no more time than you or me.

What's keeping us from making the time to manage our spaces?