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TWG answers to your business questions: How can I stay ahead of my competition?

What are some initiatives you can take to get and stay ahead of your competition? Here’s a good starting point:

*Review or re-direct your marketing/advertising budget

                Advertising not only creates brand awareness, but also allows you to build brand rapport with your customers and prospective customers.  If consumers do not know about you and the products and/or services you offer, they will be hard pressed to choose you over a competitor whose name is out there.

*Do not underestimate the importance and use of social outlets and review sites

                Social outlets are free, help feed search engines, and provide an opportunity to interact w/ your friends, fans, and loyal customer-base—these are modern day methods of word-of-mouth advertising.  Brand business listing sites such as Yelp, Google Places, Bing and Yahoo! allow you to monitor your business feedback and create a more secure online presence.

*Enhance your current methods

                Get the most out of your website by incorporating tools that will really work for you.  Features that are equipped with an RSS feed allow you to share information with your consumers; email marketing allows you to maintain contact via quick email submission; and events and dates can be shared through Announcement Modules, Calendars, and News & Events Managers.  This is only the beginning—your website can do most anything you need.

*Marketing, marketing, marketing…

                Regardless of how fantastic your website may look, or the wonderful things you can do through it—these do you no good if no one knows about your fantastic looking, user-friendly website!  Through customized and branded social pages, to business listing site profiles, and SEO submission and reporting features—TWG offers all the right tools to help you compete.

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