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Google+ for Business

Among all the trends in the world of social media, the newest, and quickest growing, is Google+ for businesses. So, why should your company worry with setting up a Google+ Business page?  Isn’t it just one of many on the ever-growing list of social outlets?  Yes, it is—but it’s different, and is set apart from the others.

Unlike other social outlets, Google+, in its new-born state for business usage, is taking a very innovative perspective that other similar setups have not.  Google+ is interactive in seeking out suggestions and requests for features and functionality from users.  And here’s the kicker—these requests and suggestions are not only being listened to, but acted upon, by Google!  The ability to offer feedback, to help drive this outlet towards what works best and easiest by users is  not the usual take for social media options.  This is really just the icing on the cake, though.  Google+ has much more to offer businesses than just curiosity at what they want.

Google+ offers organized interaction.  Business pages can create circles for specific consumer demographics, target groups, and contacts.  What is the true impact of this?  Well, you can stream, create hangouts, and run specials to your organized and specialized groups, on your terms.  You have the ability to appeal specifically to your target market of contacts in circle A, and then stream an entirely different promo to the group in circle B.  The ability to target specific groups, with business information and appeals specifically created for them, adds a depth to this outlet that is lacking from the others.

Additionally, Google+ features sharing options by means of the +1 button, which can be on any website, regardless of participation in Google+; but proves most beneficial to those with a Business + account.  The more people who +1 your streams, images, information, etc., the more others in other circles see your business’ impact.  This relates to word-of-mouth spreading, much like Facebook “likes”, but that is visible in search engine results.

Like other social outlets, there is a Google+ “badge” that can be added to your website icons to connect viewers directly to your Business+ page.  While this newest option in the world of social media is similar to the other selections, each does carry with it very distinctive benefits and perks that the competition does not offer.  Until you give them a try, you never know which will fulfill your business needs best.  Happy and loyal consumers are those that have businesses catering to them, interacting with them, and connecting with them in a fun, friendly, and consistent manner.