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News & Events Manager vs Blog

How are they different?

You want to post information on your website that is important and interesting to your viewers, but you are not sure of the best way to do this? There are many different ways to connect with your customers and spread your information. TWG offers two great options that can be utilized to keep your website updated—and which one you choose depends mostly on what exactly you want to do with it.
Our news and events add-on allows you to add news articles and event information to your site whenever you want. You can add exciting news about your company, announce new products, or add information about upcoming events that may interest your customers.  This add-on allows you to:

•    Post up to five images with each article that automatically display on your site.
•    Feed headlines to your home page

Essentially you can do those same things with our blog. So what makes them different?
With a blog, you have the potential to do even more. Our blog website add-on includes several functions that make your blogging experience the best:

•    Allows users to post comments so you can interact with them
•    Ability to add tags to posts so that they can easily be found by topic
•    Create categories for your articles

Both of these add-ons feature RSS feed capabilities, which allows readers to subscribe to your blog or news.  Additionally, we can set them up to display on other social outlets such as Facebook or Twitter.
Still don’t know which one is best for your website? Give us a call, and we will help you determine how to maximize your online presence with a news and events add-on or blog on your website depending on your specific needs.

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