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New Year, New Website Part 1

The turn of the year brings with it much work to be done within a business.  In the hustle of getting started on the right foot in the new year, do not overlook your website and online presence.  Much like hairstyles, wardrobes, and even logos and branding---your website needs a face-lift from time-to-time, too.  Why invest in redesigning your website, though, when what you have seems to be working?  Off-the-cuff—my reply is “Why not?”—but I will provide a more compelling argument than this.  In fact, I will provide so much evidence, supporting why your business needs a redesigned website—it will require two separate posts!  Here’s Part One…
Stay ahead of your competition:
    What happens when your competitors make the move to a redesign—and you’re left behind, with an ancient, unattractive, old site? Be the leader in your industry—be the company that customers look to for the latest, greatest and most up-to-date products, services, and marketing tools.

Bring your website into the 21st century:
    If you are the owner of a website that is more than 5 years old---your site shows its age to every viewer.  The standards in website design and coding change quite rapidly; and as a result, websites age quickly.  Five years of the same design may be creating a pre-historic look and feel for your website.  Think about the message this is sending to visitors---if your website looks that old, how out-dated might your products or methods be? 

Focus on your destination:
    Your website should display where you are headed—not where you have been.  If the content, dates, images, or any bit of information on your website is not current or centered on what your business can offer and is doing now and in the near future---it’s time to breathe some fresh life into it all!  Your business plans and goals change annually—so should the goals and plans for your website. 

As far as marketing tools go—Your website takes the cake:
    Your website is the best marketing tool you have in your arsenal.  Why?  Because it is available online to current and prospective customers 24/7.  When your office is closed—your website is not.  With specialized programming, your website can even act as a staff-member—users may be able to request appointments, make payments, offer feedback, or even purchase your goods and services all through your website.  What other marketing tool can do all this?  And….let’s not forget the strength behind good and proper marketing of your website.  This can land your business on the map in areas that would take years and thousands of dollars in marketing to achieve.  Maybe the website deserves a Christmas bonus next year…

Are you still uncertain if it’s time to redesign that site or not?  Check back later on this week….we’ll offer you more proof, just to give you that extra little nudge in the right direction that you need…