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Vimeo & YouTube

The general reaction is to go to YouTube first when looking for videos. We are all admittedly used to the Google associated video service as being the dominant place to find and upload user-generated videos. However, if you take some time to look around, you might find that there are other substantial video sites, such as Vimeo, that may compete with YouTube as the prime location for your business videos.

The two video sites have differing regulations for content uploaded to the site. Vimeo will not allow commercial videos, gaming videos, pornography, or any non user-generated videos. YouTube, on the other hand, is more lenient. Both sites will delete any videos they deem inappropriate, but with a smaller, more selective collection of videos, Vimeo may have the advantage here.

Video Quality
Vimeo is known for higher quality video than YouTube, and might have the highest quality video on the internet. So if you are trying to use videos for viral marketing and want to convey a message, quality may be important to you.

Video Uploads
While you can upload almost any video file to either service, they differ in the length and file size of the videos. For YouTube, you can only have a maximum length of 10 minutes and file size of 2GB. With Vimeo, there is no length maximum, but the file size can only reach 1GB.

Video Views
YouTube wins this battle. There are over 1 billion video views on YouTube daily, which means your video could reach a lot of people. YouTube may have the number advantage, but Vimeo has a more refined selection of videos. Depending on the content and purpose of your video, Vimeo may benefit you in the long run. Your video will be among more professional, higher quality videos, and there is the potential for higher-quality comments and interaction by viewers as a result. In addition, videos on Vimeo are downloadable, so viewers can save your video and watch it later.

If you are contemplating where to post your company’s videos, consider these things before making your move. Think about the type of video, and the goal and purpose of the video. In the end, you may decide to post it on both networks.