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Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

These days, social and search are so closely related, that it is essential for businesses to get involved and set up a social media marketing strategy for their business. Search engines are changing the way they display search results, and social media is the number one reason for that.
Bing, Google, and most other major search engines have started including social data in their search results. So when you search for a certain word or phrase in your favorite search engine, you will likely see social results right next to the traditional website search results. Your search results may be different from your friends based on social signals like your Facebook likes, +1s and tweets.

The affect of social media on search
We all know that social media is taking over the world. But, social networks show us what real people like and want to share with their friends. So search engines are taking advantage of that information in order to give you better results when searching for items or info on the internet. Users are now able to “vote” for their favorite content with clicks, bookmarks, tags, and ratings. These things signal search engines so that your search results are more personalized based on what you and your friends like. Search engines are now taking into consideration the opinions of people to determine which websites are most popular.

Make your social media accounts more specific
With hundreds of different social media networks out there, the first step is to narrow down the options and decide which ones will benefit your company the most. The most popular networks are free, so it is very beneficial for most businesses to take advantage of these. But your business is not like everyone else’s business, so your social networking strategy should be different, too. Research what each social network will do for your business and make your decision based on your industry and target market. Once you get your social network accounts set up and running, figure out a schedule to help you keep track of how you are managing each of them.

Quality content – use your keywords

Just posting on your social media accounts is not enough. With the growth of social networking and its connection to search engine results, the quality of your posts is just as important. Content quality will always reign supreme with search engines, and this is no different for social media.  After all, the search engines are pulling your content for search results. So the better your content and the more keywords used, the higher your social networks will rank in search engines.  Keep your social posts full of interesting and unique information that engages your users and the search engines will be engaged as well.
Remember to keep in mind that each social network is different, and they each deserve different attention. Don’t make the same posts on Facebook and Twitter every time. You have a different audience for each network and you should tailor your posts and activity to that network. Also, you don’t want to duplicate your content too many times on the web. Regardless of where it is located, search engines frown upon duplicate content.

Social Sharing

Another important SEO strategy related to social media is social sharing. If your content is easy to share with others, it will help drive up your search results. The more people that read and view your posts, the more likely it will be to show up higher in search results. Plus, with real-time search results, social media updates and posts are obvious additions to the immediate results people love so much.

By no means does this mean to drop all search engine optimization on your website, but it does mean that there might need to be an adjustment to your strategy. Combining SEO on your website with social media just makes your overall ranking and web presence stronger.

The focus and keywords need to be the same across the board on your SEO to make sure that you are enforcing your efforts and not competing with them. A successful collaboration between your website and social SEO will help you win over those search results we all strive to get.

Graphic Designer Rachel Green of TWG Design Studio
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