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Are you using Google+ yet?

Google+ the next big thing in social networking, have you joined yet? Well we just did today after waiting on a list and trying to keep up with all of the news and changes and testing they have been going through. It appears at first glance to have some nice features tied to it, specifically the circles. These circles are more or less your circle of friends, or can be circleS of friends, because you can create and name them however you like. This feature is supposed to give you the ability to share only certain pictures with certain specified circles the same goes for your new posts, videos etc. I have to say supposed to because we have not tested it out too much yet, and until tested we are not really that comfortable telling you all what it will and will not do. Right now we are trying to grow our circles and learn more about the sparks and hangouts.

Is it important for you to get involved with Google+, well sure, why not take the time? Everyone is excited and wanting to learn more about social networking, wondering what is the NEXT big thing? Well this may be it, it may be a good competitor for Facebook, or it may just be another option, so why not join?

If you do look me up and we can test it out together! (kywebgal{@}gmail.com)