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2 Ways TWG Cares About You!

Did you know, not only do we pour our energy and full dedication into each project that we initiate and complete here at TWG....but we also like to go that extra little mile for ALL of our clients?  We feel like it's not enough to fulfill our end of each deal we sign--we want to do all we can to make sure each of our clients gets the superstar treatment.  That is why we wanted to take a moment and make sure that all of our superstars know about our commitment in growing with them through our 2 points of caring--that come standard with any TWG product or service purchased.

TWG cares about YOU---and that is why we offer free training and support with our products and services that you purchase.  Need your emails set-up?  Call us, we will come out to see you and help you, or offer support and step-by-step instruction over the phone,if you prefer.  FREE.  Just purchased a News & Events manager?  We will gladly come to your location and walk you through how to use this function.  FREE.  We are ALWAYS here and HAPPY to help you figure out how to use any product you have purchased from us.  We do not charge you for your initial on-site training of any enhancement on your website.  We do not schedule "follow-up" visits with clients after launching a website, only to turn around and deliver an hourly invoice for the time spent "training" and "supporting" them.  You pay us for the products and services, it's our obligation to you on that sale to show or instruct you on how to use all that you have purchased!  We believe this, and we are committed to continuing on in our philosophy that we have always held:  TWG Cares About YOU!  We offer free training and support on our products and services sold. 

We will train you for free.  We will support you when you need assistance with the products or services you have purchased from us.  We are your partner in growing your business through enhancing your online presence.  We are working harder for your business:  every customer, every day.