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March 2012 Launches from TWG

It’s that time again…time to present the names of our new and newly designed client launches for the past month.

TWG Design Studio proudly shares our March launches:

ABC Truss

Accumetric / Boss

Brangers Distributing

Chick-fil-A Veterans Parkway - Custom Facebook Page

Chick-fil-A Jefferson Mall - Custom Facebook Page

Collier Title

El Azul Grande

Etown Laundry

Emerine Glass


Kingdom Pets - Logo & Business Cards


Trino's Italian Restaurant


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Spring Cleaning for your Website

Website investments are very similar to the investment you put into a home or a vehicle.  They all require regular maintenance to be in the best condition possible.  They all, when invested wisely, should yield a very good return on your investment.  And, eventually, they all hit a point where a newly invested model or a full overhaul on the original investment is necessary. 

You’ve taken the plunge and made a big investment.  Excellent!  When was the last time you had the oil changed, or your carpets cleaned?  Walls need fresh coats of paint over time, and every vehicle will eventually need a tune-up.  Your website needs adjustments along the way, too. 

If you haven’t touched your website since your original investment, and that was two years ago or longer….well, you’re overdue!    Add a new enhancement to make your website work better for you.  Purchase an email list manager application so that you can manage email blasts, add-on a blog and start posting regular pieces of information and updates to help your customers stay informed, look into a new programming piece like employee password protection sections to make your office work more efficiently.  The original investment of your website should act as a spring-board to help propel you as your business grows in the future.  Let the original investment be your foundation, and build on it as you go along. 
The regular maintenance can be something small—equivalent to regular oil changes and window cleaning.  Maybe update your website images, or staff bios.  Perhaps it’s a good time to change the font for the headlines or even add a new page to your website navigation.  The maintenance doesn’t have to be huge on a regular basis----although a full overhaul will be needed eventually.  Plan for it.  Use your regular maintenance opportunities as a portion of the plan for the big overhaul that is coming in the near future. 

With the turn of spring, it’s a great time to do some spring cleaning.  For your home, your vehicle, and especially your website!


News & Events Manager vs Blog

How are they different?

You want to post information on your website that is important and interesting to your viewers, but you are not sure of the best way to do this? There are many different ways to connect with your customers and spread your information. TWG offers two great options that can be utilized to keep your website updated—and which one you choose depends mostly on what exactly you want to do with it.
Our news and events add-on allows you to add news articles and event information to your site whenever you want. You can add exciting news about your company, announce new products, or add information about upcoming events that may interest your customers.  This add-on allows you to:

•    Post up to five images with each article that automatically display on your site.
•    Feed headlines to your home page

Essentially you can do those same things with our blog. So what makes them different?
With a blog, you have the potential to do even more. Our blog website add-on includes several functions that make your blogging experience the best:

•    Allows users to post comments so you can interact with them
•    Ability to add tags to posts so that they can easily be found by topic
•    Create categories for your articles

Both of these add-ons feature RSS feed capabilities, which allows readers to subscribe to your blog or news.  Additionally, we can set them up to display on other social outlets such as Facebook or Twitter.
Still don’t know which one is best for your website? Give us a call, and we will help you determine how to maximize your online presence with a news and events add-on or blog on your website depending on your specific needs.

Graphic Designer Rachel Green of TWG Design Studio
"Rachel has a love for all things creative. She is passionate about what she does and loves to create new things."


Getting the most out of your website

In order to get the most out of your website, your customers should come first.  They need to be considered every single step of the way: from the usage of the website, to the navigation, to the layout.  Every aspect of the site needs to ensure that any user can visit and be able to find exactly what they want, quickly. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your website.

1)     Know your audience: Why would someone visit your site

  • Who will be visiting your site, and why? This knowledge is vital to the success of your website. Think about why someone would want/need to visit your site, and focus all other aspects of the website around this.
  • What are they hoping to achieve by visiting your website? To learn basic information about the company and find contact information? To view your inventory, or purchase products? Whatever the reason, if you know why they are visiting, you can focus your website to allow the users to access information faster, and with less hassle.


2)    Consider your navigation

  • Browsing and searching are the 2 main ways that users access content on your website. Is your website easy to use, and easy for the end user to find exactly what they are looking for? All content on your website should relate as close as possible to the reason the website exists.
  • If you have an ecommerce website, then you should have information about your company, but the main reason users will visit will be to purchase products, so ensure this is an easy task for the users.


3)    Thinking about adding a new feature, getting a redesign, or don’t have a website, and want to get one?

  • Does the potential change positivity affect the visitors? Before committing to a change, make sure the change is something that will make the website more effective, and will meet the needs of the users.
  • Will design updates or a new website help your users? If you want a new design, while you are going through the process to get it setup, always keep in mind that the users are the most important, if your users are not happy, then your website will be less successful.
  • If this will be your first website, don’t worry; we, at TWG, are experts at making sure your website works perfectly with your business goals.  We will help you every step of the way.

If you are interested in getting updates, a redesign, or a brand new website, feel free to contact us, at TWG Design Studio, and we will go to work harder for your business to provide you with everything you need to reach your target audience successfully.

Author: Chase Hubbard