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Website Design Trends for 2012

As 2011 ends and we move in to a new year, we move into new trends in website design. Design trends for this year will be sure to help grab your visitors’ attention. While the eye is naturally drawn to graphics and images, it is important for the design of your website to integrate with its function.

Top Trends for 2012

1.    Colors – Brighter colors are being used more than neutrals, but in moderation. You never want to mix too many different colors or use bright backgrounds that will make it hard on the viewer’s eyes.

2.    Typography – Custom fonts are being used more with effects like depth, gradients, and transparency.

3.    Images – Images are always important to grab the user’s attention. Larger images and background images are a current trend that will continue into 2012.

4.    Animation – Animation is always a great way to enhance a website. In 2012 we will see more movement with websites.

5.    Responsive Web Design – This means that your website responds to the device it is being viewed on, which makes it easier to view on different screen sizes, including mobile devices.

6.    Minimalist Design– Sometimes less is more. In 2012, simple designs will give more appealing results. It keeps your website organized and allows the message to be more prominent.

7.    Infographics – Put important information into an infographic to present the info visually. Your users will be more likely to read the info and be interested in what it says.

Does your website incorporate some or all of these trends? If not, are you thinking about updating your site design to be fresh for 2012?  The website designers at TWG are up-to-date with the latest trends and styles for website designs in 2012 and ways to incorporate them into your website’s function for the best results.


Graphic Designer Rachel Green of TWG Design Studio
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