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TWG answers to your business questions: Does it really matter if I ever change or update anything on my website?

Do you keep your website up-to-date with current information? Your website needs to be viewed as any other marketing campaign. Every year, there should be some tweaks and adjustments to your site. If nothing else, update an image, refresh biographies, or add new testimonials. Even the smallest update and change lets search engines know that you have an active website.

At least every two years, you should look at improving your website layout and usability. Repeat visitors will enjoy a change of scenery, competitors viewing your website will feel some new heat (because, yes, competitors are looking at your website, too!), and your website will be up-to-date with current web standards.

Finally, a website redesign provides an opportunity to make your website work for you. Look at adding new enhancements such as a blog, a photo gallery or online bill payment. Don’t let your website be a static, never-changing after-thought. Use it to benefit your business as the marketing tool that it is. Put your website address on anything you put your company name to drive people to your website. Use your website to maintain your business and your business relationships.

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