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Spring Cleaning for your Website

Website investments are very similar to the investment you put into a home or a vehicle.  They all require regular maintenance to be in the best condition possible.  They all, when invested wisely, should yield a very good return on your investment.  And, eventually, they all hit a point where a newly invested model or a full overhaul on the original investment is necessary. 

You’ve taken the plunge and made a big investment.  Excellent!  When was the last time you had the oil changed, or your carpets cleaned?  Walls need fresh coats of paint over time, and every vehicle will eventually need a tune-up.  Your website needs adjustments along the way, too. 

If you haven’t touched your website since your original investment, and that was two years ago or longer….well, you’re overdue!    Add a new enhancement to make your website work better for you.  Purchase an email list manager application so that you can manage email blasts, add-on a blog and start posting regular pieces of information and updates to help your customers stay informed, look into a new programming piece like employee password protection sections to make your office work more efficiently.  The original investment of your website should act as a spring-board to help propel you as your business grows in the future.  Let the original investment be your foundation, and build on it as you go along. 
The regular maintenance can be something small—equivalent to regular oil changes and window cleaning.  Maybe update your website images, or staff bios.  Perhaps it’s a good time to change the font for the headlines or even add a new page to your website navigation.  The maintenance doesn’t have to be huge on a regular basis----although a full overhaul will be needed eventually.  Plan for it.  Use your regular maintenance opportunities as a portion of the plan for the big overhaul that is coming in the near future. 

With the turn of spring, it’s a great time to do some spring cleaning.  For your home, your vehicle, and especially your website!