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Social Media Seminar at Sysco

We spent Wednesday June 22 at Sysco—and had a wonderful time and great turn-out for the social media seminar presented. There is a huge world of marketing opportunity awaiting use to anyone who is interested in jumping in and taking advantage of the internet-driven business world we are all a part of.  From Facebook to Twitter and all the tools that each offers—social outlets are not just a fad, they are quickly becoming the fastest growing and strongest marketing tools available.  What business will turn away free advertising?  If you don’t have social media pages for your business—you are doing just that.  TWG can assist you in setting up, organizing and managing your business pages and help you in utilizing the full potential of marketing available through this outlet.  Contact us today to inquire more on social media, the services that we offer, and to see how we can make connecting your website and social media sources to create time efficiency and ease of use for you!

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