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How to Write Awesome Website Content

Here are some simple steps you can follow to write awesome website content for your site.

1.    Write for your audience

It is important to determine who your audience and target market is before sitting down to write the content for your website. You need to know whom are you trying to reach and how you think it is best to reach them.

2.    Write useful and interesting content

You don’t want to bore your potential customers or clients with dull content on your website. It is important to make sure your content is pertinent and useful for what your website visitors will be looking for, but it is also important to make it interesting to read. Website content is like any other advertising message – you don’t have very long to catch the readers’ attention. You want them to be able to get what they need from the content while keeping them entertained by what you are saying.  You are selling your business through your words, so choose them wisely. Ask yourself if you would want to read what you wrote and put yourself in the clients shoes.

3.    Short and sweet

The first paragraph of any article is critical. You will either catch your reader’s attention or you won’t. In general, people comprehend and remember shorter messages that include bullet points and main headings for sections. Keep this in mind when writing your content and break it up in to sections if possible. Make sure you can deliver your information without dragging it out.

4.    Use SEO

Search Engine Optimization is important to remember when writing the content for your website. You don’t have to put hours of research into it to make your site more SEO friendly. Make a list of a few keywords you would like to rank for in search engines and include those in your text. Your keywords should be words that people actually search for so that your site will show up in search results. You also want to include links in your content to other pages on your site using keywords as your link text. This serves two purposes: it is good SEO, and it is more user friendly. We can help you develop your SEO plan further for your site, but it is important to include basic SEO principles when writing your content yourself.

5.    Structure and flow

You want to have a focus for your content and an overall flow to the text between pages. Make sure that your message remains clear throughout your site. What are you trying to accomplish with your website content? Do you want your visitors to act on something? Are you trying to inform them about a certain product, service, or event? You need an overall marketing message that you can carry throughout your site to keep your content organized and well thought out.